Ask Dr. Donez!

Question 101: Second will the case of the Mario mysteries be changed soon?
Dr. Donez's Answer: I have no idea. I just stay in NC, the rest of SMBHQ is no-man's-land to me.

Question 102: When did you first meet Fred?
Dr. Donez's Answer: At BUM Law School. He was beating me up for my lunch money.

Question 103: Who was that pretty tweeter I saw you with last night?
Dr. Donez's Answer: OK! You got me! It was a date! But she turned me down when I asked to kiss her.

Question 104: What level of the atmosphere is Jay's head in?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Its currently in the Altosphere.

Question 105: What does Mario + Donez + Bill =?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Al Gore? Wait, that's what Bill would have said.

Question 106: What do you build a quadriduplicator with?
Dr. Donez's Answer: A rubber band.

Question 107: Dr. Donez, do you have problems like........uh....boring things,boring people,boring world, boring galzey, boring......... you know what I mean but do you have problems like that?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Yes...Yes I do(calls the cops).

Question 108: I have 3 questines,who really killed kinny,who made up the joke why did the chicken crossthe road, if the androids was destroyed in the past why were they still in the futer(off of dragonball Z)
Dr. Donez's Answer: 4, Georget Washington, and the Capital of Spain.

Question 109: My formor friend is really annoying me. The weapons at hand are a buzz saw, a nuclear missle, a woodchuck, or a something that I'm not sure what it does. What do you suggest I do? Oh and by the way, you're cool.
Dr. Donez's Answer: Well, if you had an Ice Pick, you could always threaten him. But that may get you put in jail...

Question 110: Phone the clone is back it seems,......but the Bill and Fred story has had a lot of plot twists, will Jay destroy the world at the end again?
Dr. Donez's Answer: I got Jay to promise me that he WON'T destroy the world at the end of Bill and Fred. I bet it would be very painful if he did and I don't want to have to feel that.

Question 111: What sciences are you a Docter in?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Magnets, Biology, Sciencetology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physochemistry, Physics, Physucks, Kemistry, Nuculer Chemistry, Engineering, and Computer Science. That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

Question 112: Why do british people talk funny?
Dr. Donez's Answer: I think its something in the water.

Question 113: Q: Do you remember "Mighty Max?" That show/franchise was cool.
Dr. Donez's Answer: Yeah, cool show.

Question 114: Who is cuter? Britney Spairs, my mom, or our girlfriend.
Dr. Donez's Answer: We have a girlfriend? How come I never knew about this?

Question 115: Why is it bad not to know my real name? Will it stop my plans for world domination?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Yeah, you are probably just insane. Don't worry, its actually a lot of fun. And it works great when trying to take over the world.

Question 116: I am having trouble with NC! Why are you wasting your time on Jay Resop! When you could kill Mario!!
Dr. Donez's Answer: Jay Resop pays well.

Question 117: Do you do the Dew?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Heck yeah. Wait, what's due?

Question 118: What's your favorite pop? Do you like Pepsi????
Dr. Donez's Answer: My favorite pop is Poppa Smurf.

Question 119: Why doo i mace so manny tipeos?
Dr. Donez's Answer: What? That's not even English.

Question 120: Cann U red thiz at al? do i pa atennson in gramer clas!
Dr. Donez's Answer: No...

Question 121: Why is the sky blue?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Because.

Question 122: Why can't I fly?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Have you ever tried?

Question 123: Do cows fly?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Only on weekends.

Question 124: Can I fly to the moon?
Dr. Donez's Answer: Sure, why not?

Question 125: Can you fly?
Dr. Donez's Answer: No, but I can hover.

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