"THATíS IT!!!!" King Dad screamed at the top of his lungs. "Youíve failed countless times, Iím cutting your allowances."


"Cutting our allowances? Who does he think he is?" Roy asked.
"Heís gonna pay for this," I said.
"I have an idea," said Geek. "Remember Wart?"
("Thatís LUDWIG!!!")
"Yeah, are you suggesting...," started Iggy.
"...we join him?" I finished.
"Yes," said Geek.
("My name is Ludwig, Lemming," says Ludwig.
"Whoís telling the story here? Why I believe itís ME!!!!" Lemmy said.)
"So what do we do?" Larry asked Geek.
"We find the door to sub-con and release Wart," Geek replied.
("Iím not even going to try anymore.")
"How do we find the door?" asked Brat.
"Simple, with my new..." started Geek, "DREAM MACHINE!!! We simply place this on ones head and they will go into the land of sub-con. When they come out, they bring anything touching there hands with with them."
"Ingenious," said Larry.
"Of course it is," started Geek, "Iím Ludwig Von Koopa."
"We need a volunteer," said Wendy. "Count me out, I donít wanna get warts from touching the frog."
"WEDDING CAKE!!!" yelled Moron.
"Uhhhh...." we all said.
"Iíll go," said Iggy, my twin.
"Not without me you arenít," I said.
"So the twins are going," Geek said. "Hop in."
Iggy and I got into the machine. Suddenly we found ourselves in the land of sub-con that weíd only seen in shy guyís pictures...

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