New Ownership for NC!

Hello NC viewers! My name is Alexander Witz. Few of you probably know me. But I have been a fan of Neglected Mario Letters for years!!! =) I came to this place in 2001, and I loved it! I love Jay's comics so much I make my own. I just love making comics with Mario characters! And I loved this site so much, that I just had to have it for myself!

Last month, I communicated with Jay about the purchase of the site. At first, Jay was reluctant, since he loves this site so much. Perhaps even more than I! However, he spoke of concerns he was having in real life, involving his school work and social life. Jay also said he was having a hard time coming up with ideas for humour. So eventually, Jay accepted my offer to sell the site to me for 800 Euros, or about 1000 American Dollars. My dream has now come true! I own Neglected Mario Letters!

Do not worry about the site, for it is in good hands! I have a good sense of wit and humour! Soon you will love my comix just as much as I love Jay's. I have already discussed with Sean and Reid, and they will let me finish both of the comix series that Jay started with them. So have no fear!

Jay wanted me to let you know that he wants to thank everyone who has been a fan of his site over the years, and he loved every minute he spent on Neglected Mario Letters. We'll miss you, Jay!!! Jay also said he will offer to make a guest comic for the site every once in a while. I appreciate it Jay! Thanks!

Just so you all know, I am German, so English is not my main language. It's German! As a result, I am working on converting the entire site into German. But have no fears, English speakers! I will also provide you with an English version of the site! So everyone is happy! I have only converted the main page so far, but soon I plan to convert everything else, even the comix! I love that word! Comix!

So with that, I will let you go on to the New and Improved Neglected Mario Letters!!! ~Alex~

Click Here to go to Neglected Mario Letters! Yay! =)

(For the April Fools joke, check out the "English" version of the site, as well as the "Which new is" page. Both of these were changed as part of the joke.-jay)

P.S. If you want to e-mail me, my e-mail address is [email protected].