Kirby, the Dreamlander Bio Part II

Woh, this came out a tad bit later then I hoped. School really slows down web page production. Ah yes, Kirby just kicked the ^&*#^$# out of King Dedede. No offense to Dedede, he�s cool. Maybe I�ll do a bio on him later on. Anyway, Kirby is now enjoying fame. All the little Dreamlanders wanted his autographs, he appeared at many restaurant openings, and even had his own shoe commercial (Everyone wants to be like Kirb). Kirby didn�t take fame too greatly, for he was used to being a simple farmer. He used his position to better the nation, the next year he ran for president, but was not elected. The other candidate could play the Saxophone better, winning him the election. Anyway, after trouble had left Dreamland, Kirby went back to his farm. The peace only lasted a few years. Soon trouble began again. This happened right before Kirby's motion picture-"Saving Private Kirby" was about to come out. Days were getting shorter, nights darker. A cold chill came over Dreamland, one which no one was safe from. Kirby�s farm was dead, as was most of the landscape of the world. No one had ever seem anything like it. All of a sudden, everything made sence to Kirby-Dedede. He was behind it. It was all clear when Dedede was caught stealing the Star Rod, the source of the dreams of Dreamland. Disease, hunger, sleepless nights. Kirby had to do something. So he set out searching the land, for this time he did not know where Dedede could be. He found the trail of bad-guys, and after long months of searching, he found Dedede�s hideout. King Dedede was more powerful this time. Kirby could not use his new skill of using enemy powers agaisnt him. It was a long, well fought match. King Dedede took every move by Kirby stride by stride. Finnaly, Kirby found an opening and Dedede was done for. At last, Kirby was gathered the last piece of the most power thing on Dreamland-the Star Rod. King Dedede begged for forgivness. Kirby would not hear from him. Kirby replaces the Star Rod, when a black sphere came out of the Dream pond-A Nightmare! A force that�s goal was to end the happy life of Dreamland! It lifted off and flew off into space. Kirby was dumbfounded. He didn�t know what to do. King Dedede, seeing how the hero wouldn�t accomplish anything, swallowed Kirby, and spit him into the air. Kirby flew over and over and ran right into the Nightmare. A long and strenuous fight followed. Kirby used the Star Rod to defeat the Nightmare, and happyness returned to the land. Later Kirby learned the King Dedede didn�t mean any harm to Dream Land. Using his system of spys, he learned of the Nightmare�s goal to destory Dreamland months ago. Since he didn�t want his home to be destoryed, he spoiled the Nightmare by stealing the Star Rod first. After that, Dedede wouldn�t trust anyone, so he spilt up the Star Rod, and fought Kirby for he didn�t know what side Kirby was on. Anyway, there was another happy ending and Kirby and Dedede became great friends. This raised some questions in Dreamland. Who was this Nightmare? Will more Anti-Dream beings threaten their way of life? How long will that show with those annoying Osen twins last??? Oh well, time to end this bio. I�ll finish it up later. In the next Kirby bio I�ll see how many more games I can get through. If this keeps up, you�ll be seeing a Kirby Bio part XII. Soon to come-Kirby Bio Part III!