Kirby, the Dreamlander Bio

Vital Stats:
Race: Dreamlander
Job: Warrior, defender of Dreamland
Gender: Male?
Height: 2 feet, 4 feet with enemy in mouth
Weight: 300 lb, 400 lb with enemy in mouth
Age: 120 (Dreamland years)
Status: Alive, waiting for next attack by some unknown force.
Number of players on the 1976 New York Yankees he has eaten: 9

Dreamland is a peaceful place. The people are part of a fair Democracy. Every person has their say, and has plenty to eat. The only two things that Dreamlanders do are eat and dream. They had a simple life, and everyone was happy. All of this was changed the day King Dedede came from his part of the world in anger against the Dreamlanders. He was upset that they had all they could eat, and his people had to eat at McDonalds all the time (notice his immense weight problem). So he broke into the Dream House, home of the President, and stole the 4 sparkling stars. These stars were the reason the Dreamlander´┐Żs crops were so plentiful. Without the stars, the crops would die out, and the people would starve. No one knew what to do, for they had no army and had no weapons. One young lad step up named Kirby and promised to go out and find Dedede and bring back the sparkling stars. He felt he was ready for it because he watched a lot of Bruce Lee and Steven Segal movies. So he went out after Dedede, eating his army as he went along, for he was quite hungry. He found Dedede in his castle, and fought a death match with him. Kirby triumphed in the end. He brought back the people the sparkling stars and all the food Dedede stole. There was much rejoicing and eating. Next week-All the other Kirby games, then maybe Link!