Koopa Kids

The Koopa Kids Bio

Vital Stats:
Race: Koopalings
Job: To be pests
Gender: 6 male, 1 Female
Height: Range from 4�3� to 5�2�
Weight: You can�t keep them still on a scale
Age: Range from 11 to 16
Status: Somewhere, maybe we�ll see them in SM64 2
Number of times the annoying Iggy-Lemmy twins have been mistaken for the annoying twins from �Full House�: 1

Our story today takes starts with the time between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros 3. After the successful SMB for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the people at Nintendo wanted to create a much better sequel. Instead they stole the idea from some other game, got rid of the main bad-guy, Bowser, and added two more �playable� characters. They thought they had a hit. Well, they did, but the fans wanted more. Realizing they should of never strayed away from the main Mario story, they decided to bring it back with Super Mario Bros 3. So they brought back Bowser, got rid of the two extra �playable� characters, and put in a story similar to Super Mario Bros. They also added better graphics, better game play, more items, cooler music, more levels, and therefor made the best game of all time. At least that�s what I think. Nothing beats SMB3. You might be thinking now that �Jay is just a stupid idiot that has never played Super Mario 64�, but really, the fun I had when I first played Super Mario 64, was nothing compared to when I first played Super Mario Bros 3. Anyway, besides all the new graphics and stuff Super Mario Bros 3 had, what else made it different from all other Mario games before it. Answer-THE KOOPA KIDS. They might be easy to beat (especially that wuss Larry), but they added some interesting new enemies for Mario to beat up. Who wants to kill Bowser 8 times in one game (I�m thinking of SMB right now). Super Mario World only made the Koopa Kids more cooler. So now, let me go over their history.
The Mushroom Kingdom is safe. The Tyrant Bowser and his goombas have been beaten by the hero Luigi. Bowser is hereby banished from not only the Mushroom Kingdom, but all the Mushroom Worlds. Bowser, facing defeat, has decided to travel to an island off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom. His Koopa Troop army, is dismantled. Mushroom teachers try to include goombas and turtles into the society, only to end with failure. Flying over the Mushroom ocean, Bowser realizes his plans for world domination are over. He can never re-build an army powerful enough to defeat the plumbers. He lands on the island �Subconia� to find it inhabited by creatures banned from the mushroom many years before. When they learned of Bowser�s army, they sent these creatures like Shy-Guys and Snifits away to this island, so Bowser could never manipulate them into his army. He also learned of Sub-Con, a world of dreams that could be entered by walking through a simple door. So he gathered his new army together, and was about to step though the door, when-CRASH, he tripped on a Shy-Guy and broke both of his legs and both of his arms. So, disabled, he sent the leader of Subconia, Wart, who was also Bowser�s second in command, though the door with the army of Subconia. By using the Sub-Con door, they could use it to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom easily. But somehow Mario and Luigi found a Sub-Con door in the Mushroom Kingdom, and was able to stop Wart before he got to the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, you may be thinking, what happened to King Bowser Koopa. While he waited for word from Wart on his attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, he was relaxing in a tropical resort. There he met his true Love, Mrs. Bowser, for they got married right away. They started to have kids, and because Bowser owned the whole island, he could give them whatever they wanted. By this time he learned of Warts failure to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. So Bowser came up with a new plan. He would sneak over to the Mushroom continent and re-group his army. But he could not accomplish this on his own, so he twisted his children into a life of greed and hatred. He thought of the most twisted names to call them. Ludwig Von for he heard some of his twisted music. Roy because the name sounded tough. Wendy, because Bowser could not think of any other girl�s name. Iggy and Lemmy for the twins. Larry, because he thought the �Three Stooges� were perfect examples of evilness. And the last he named after himself. Morton may be either Bowser�s Middle Name, making the child Bowser Morton Koopa Jr. Or it�s just a nickname used by jr. So he taught them all the evil-ness he knew, and took a boat to the main land, disguising them as a famous Mushroom Baseball team, the Kingdom Fungii. He told them to follow him, so when the plumbers showed up, they would out-number them. But these kids were so evil, they decided to go off on their own ways, took a part of their father�s army, and they each controlled their own Mushroom World. They were able to steal the 7 kings� magic wands, so they were the most powerful force Mario and Luigi had ever seen. But they weren�t much of a threat when handled one by one. So eventually the Marios captured the Koopalings, restored the kings to their thrones, and they defeated Bowser once again. The Koopalings followed their dad again when he took over the Dinosaur World. But they wee missing in SM 64. When will we see these brats again? What a long bio. Oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMBHQ!!! Don�t worry, I won�t over play this as Kyle did.