Smithy Bio

Vital Stats:
Race: Spirit, like our pal Geno
Job: Um, evil-doer for the summer, and people believe he looks like Santa during the winter (although I find no resemblance.)
Gender: Who knows
Height: As tall as he wants to be
Weight: Got a beer belly like Wario
Age: 1264628316278217896784637861367862836784901928094802^10^10^10^10^10 centuries old. (More or less)
Status: Deceased, but video game characters have a reputation of coming from the grave.

A long time ago, up in the stars, on a place we know only as Star Road, two young spirits were born. The people of the heavens grew these two to protect the land they called home, the place were wishes come true. one they named a long string of symbols, as he said in the game, and they other they also named a long string of symbols. The two young protectors grew up over the millenniums learning the ways of the people they grew up with. They learned how to grant wishes, repair the Star Road, and to watch over the planet they were destined to protect, the land called the Mushroom Planet. The elders of Star Road believed that they created the perfect two warriors, and would never let harm come to the Mushroom Planet or the Star Road.
Now, life in the stars above Mushroom Planet is, well, kinda boring. The movies are never that great, they never heard of the food sweetener sugar, and everything is environmentally safe, meaning no cars, electricity, TVs, ect. The first young spirit was content with these arrangements, for he never liked movies any way. The second young spirit longed for a movie as top notch as Armageddon, or Independence Day, or Die Hard with a Vengeance. All they got to watch was, groan, As Good As it Gets (sorry to people who liked the movie, but I didn�t care for it very much. I won�t even get started with Titanic). He grew jealous of the Mushrooms and their greedy ways (Greedy that is, compared to their own). So he grouped together a few other spirits who felt this way, and flew down to the planet on Exor. As luck would have it, he landed right in Bowser�s Keep, and after a few seconds of mind control, had an instant army. But there was no one in the keep who was worthy enough of having their body taken over by the spirit. He flew around the land, looking for someone. At last he found a Santa reject (if the people think he looks like Santa, what the heck) and took over the body. When he went back to the keep he called home, he started his production of evil creatures. He used a large hammer to make them. So he took the term the mushrooms used for a person who did this for his name-Smithy. He was happy again, while on Mushroom Planet he could enjoy all the things he wanted too, plus he had the chance to own in. Smithy later learned that his trip to the planet broke the Star Road. People on the planet were not getting their wishes. This pleased Smithy even more. Up in the heavens, spirits were never allowed wishes. If he could control the Star Road, he could control wishes! So he sent his finest soldiers to find the pieces and bring then to him. He was only able to get one, for his brother, Geno, was sent to fix the star road. Geno, being the older and with the help of some friends, was able to defeat Smithy, were he is now watching terrible movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey (I didn�t like that movie either, sorry.)