Wart Bio

Vital Stats:
Race: Was a Frog
Job: Was 2nd in Command of Koopa Klan/Koopa Troop
Gender: Was Male?
Height: Was about Kooopa�s size
Weight: Was larger then Koopa
Age: I don�t know.
Status: Dead, at least we think.
Number of years as the 4th member of Hanson: Doesn�t matter, its such a terrible group anyway. Those three girls are terrible singers.

So, we all know the tale of Mario, the epic of Bowser, and the sorrow of Princess Toadstool. But who in the Mario Universe do we know the least about? The answer my friends, is Wart, which you probably new already. Wart may be just the careless thinking of Nintendo to come up with another plotline for Mario, and Wart may not even have a past or history. But, being the daring person I am, I will try to uncover Wart�s tale. It all started a little before the first attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser was gathering up his Koopa troop army. He searched all over the land, looking for the most dangerous species to assimulate into his army. He found turtles, mushrooms, and flying people in clouds. But one small species he found was just an ordinary frog. He found only on the entire Mushroom World. He thought this one frog must be special, that it was here for a purpose, to aide Bowser in his conquest of the world. So he added the frog to his ranks, and it grew, and learned all the terrible ways of the King. But there was one weakness of this frog that Bowser recognized soon after he found him-his hatred of veggies. So Bowser used this for his advantage. By using veggies, he could control Wart with ease. Wart turned out to be a terrible fighter. He was too slow, and not very agile. He couldn�t even spit fire, only pathetic bubbles. Bowser was depressed. He put all his time and effort into Wart, he treated him like a son, and even named him. But one day Bowser recognized Warts true power. One day there was a fight in the mess hall between the Goombas and the Shy-guys, over which was stupider. Casualties were getting high-one goomba almost chipped a tooth. Wart ran into the mess hall and started to bust heads. He wasn�t very successful in hurting anyone, but he got the fight to stop, for the Shy-guys listened to him. Bowser then realized Warts sense of leadership. He knew he would not be able to control all of his army by himself, so he made Wart his Second in Command. After a special ceremony, Bowser went off with half his army, and left Wart with the other half, to protect Bowser castle against any attack. I will continue next week with Super Mario Bros. 2!