How To Make Your Own Comix

Whats the question that I get most often here at NC? No, its not "Are you retarded?". But its "How do I make one of those Comix???" So, In this section I am going to go over the ENTIRE comix-making process. There isn't much up now, but trust me, I'll get each step up soon. Keywords will be in bold.
Remember, E-mail Me, Jay Resop, If you have any furthur questions or comments about the comix making process that I don't cover here. But please give me time to work this section up from nothing. I'll probably answer your question soon enough.

Well, it seems like this section is expanding a bit. Along with my own tutorial, I have recently recieved another one from CodieKitty to put up here on NC. I think its a very good tutorial (which is why I put it up), so check it out. You can see her site at Super Nintendo Super Shire

Jay's Tutorial (Incomplete)
CodieKitty's Tutorial (Complete)

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