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The Bibliotheca Anonoma's Enhanced Mirror of The Original Web Page Praising the Neglected Characters of the Mario Universe
13 Years on the Internet - 9/6/97 to 9/6/10.

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NC/SSS Mach 2 Part 13 by Pat and Metal Man!
A Story About Something Part 4 by Alph!
A Story About Something Part 3 by Alph!
Metal Man's EXTREME Adventure Part 2 by Metal Man!
Biggs and Wedge sprite sheet by Mushman!
Metal Man's EXTREME Adventure by Metal Man!
Magruder, Zadok & Executrain sprite sheet by Mushman!
Captain Churro sprite sheet by DarkZero!
A Story About Something Part 2 by Alph!

This is an unendorsed archive. It has no relation to Jay other than he made the older comics stored here. View at your pleasure.

None of this is written to discredit Nintendo. NC is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. This mirror is not affiliated with SMBHQ or VGF in any way, either. This mirror is also not affiliated with Jay in any way. Enjoy.

The counter below was started on July 1, 1998. There have been many hits uncounted for since September 6, 1997; though hits don't really matter anymore. Good riddance to Kyle and his casino-ad-laden ghost of SMBHQ. Special thanks goes to all the fans who have contributed content to this site. As another note, all of the sprites of the characters used here are owned and are copyrighted by their respective companies (AKA Nintendo and Hal). All characters are property of their creators--we do not claim any of these characters as our own.

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