NC Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to the first ever (And probably only, heh) NC Flash Choose Your Own Adventure! You take the role of an NC (Fred) and go through a crazy adventure, choosing what to do at each point in the story. It's just like and interactive comix! So please, I hope you enjoy. A couple of notes. First, the Choose Your Own Adventure is a little large. I have two versions of the CYOA right now. One is with music, the other is without. If you are having problems loading up the first one, try the second one. Both are still fairly large, so be patient with downloading. I will try to make a new version that is even smaller, but it will take some time. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the ones that are up right now, if you can download them. If anyone knows of an easy way to compress the size of Flash movies, please let me know. Second, I havn't had time to test these all of the way through, so if you see any errors, let me know. Lastly, I may periodically update this Adventure to add more story and endings. I'll let you know when I do so. And the CYOA!

Choose Your Own Adventure with Music (220K)
Choose Your Own Adventure without Music (160K)

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