Puntin' Chuck vs. Hammer Brother

Poser: After a 5 year hiatus, we're finally back, Lyle!
Orlando: So cccooold.... no heating for 5 years...

Poser: In the right corner, we have the inhuman football machine, Puntin' Chuck!
Orlando: Brrr... And in the leftover corner, we have the hammer chuckin' madman, Hammer Brother!
Poser: It took us quite a while to locate Puntin' Chuck.
Orlando: Turns out he has as many brothers as there are sports... and for some reason, he only can be found in the darkest caves...
Poser: And Hammer Brother's hammer goes... flying off into the distance!
Orlando: But this opens him up to a kicked football! Just what was he thinking?
Poser: And Chargin' Chuck is unable to think of the right words!
Orlando: Good thing he isn't on Don't Forget the Lyrics, or he would have lost right here!

Poser: Oooh, that's gotta hurt.
Orlando: Or does it?
Poser: It looks like a landslide, Orlando! This match could be over right now!
Orlando: I don't think so, Poser. He could always come back.
Poser: I didn't know footballs were flammable! Hammer Brother is doomed!
Orlando: Hammer Brother will win! Fire will not stop him!
Poser: It's over, Orlando!
Orlando: No it isn't! Hammer Brother will rise up from the ashes!
Orlando: Hammer Brother will triump--er... fine. I give up.
Poser: ...While we're at it... what is Discoland?
Poser: Wait a minute, what's that?
Orlando: I told you so!
Poser: But who wins now?
Orlando: Well, Hammer Brother was defeated before the end, and his hammer stayed in play. Chargin' Chuck was declared a winner but then was defeated moments afterwards...
Poser: This should do...
Orlando: Woo! I'll be able to afford hot meals again!
Poser: Thanks for watching the first Deathmatch in years, NC fans. Don't worry--more Deathmatches will come in the future!
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