Neglected Character Gallery

Like I don't have enough to do. Anyway, heres another idea that came to me somehow. The scary thing is I don't know exactly how. I think a fan gave me the idea. Anyway, if you gave me the NC Gallery Idea, sorry I forgot you. Heres the idea: Want pictures about Neglected Characters? You'll find them here. Simple, eh? I don't mind if you copy the pictures found here, but if you put them on a webpage a link to NC would be nice. I'll try to gather up pictures of ALL the NCs. Here-we-go!

Cartoon Fred from the Kirby Show!
Sent in by Bob

Toad Gallery
Luigi Gallery

Brian's Gallery
Some amazing artwork of Bill, Fred and all the NCs by Brian
Brian's Comic
The Adventures of Bill and Fred
Link's Gallery
Some cool art featuring NCs and other original characters by Link
The NC Gallery
Fan pictures
Award Gallery
Awards I have won

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