Neglected Characters for Dummies

A Quick Guide to the NC Crew

Quick information and tidbits about all of the new Neglected Characters in the Mario Universe. New to NC and don't know what the heck is going on? Maybe this will help. Or maybe it won't. Or perhaps it will even hinder your enjoyment of the site. In which case, please, by all means, continue reading.

Quick Facts
Name Sprite First Appeared Origin of Name Is Really First Line
Darth Butch It's Butch! NC Comix #1 Parody of Darth Vader. Luigi "I have spent too long in your shadow."
Bill the Extra Guy It's Bill! NC Comix #2 'Cause he's an Extra Guy. A pidgit "I'm just an extra."
Fred the Spanyard It's Fred! NC Comix #3 Pun off of Spaniard. A bugzzy "Mario, I will crush you!"
Phone the Clone It's Phone! TMW Part 4 He's a clone. Duh. A discolored Toad "I am not Toad...I am a Clone of Toad, you fool!"
Citrus Man It's Citrus Man! TMW Part 12 'Cause it's a funny super hero name. Mario "Who is this Mario you speak of?"
Gooba the Goomba It's Gooba! B&F Part 4 Mispelling of Goomba. A goomba "Um, right on time, sir."
Dr. Donez It's Dr. Donez! B&F Part 10 The name "Ordo´┐Żez". A tweeter "Yes it is I...Dr. Donez!"
Prof. Executrain It's Prof. Executrain! Back to School The words "Executive" and "Training". A boomerang bro "Fred! No turning around in class!"
Captain Churro It's Churro! NC/SSS 2 Part 1 It's funny. Ask Lord Reid. A discolored tweeter "I am...Captain Churro!"
Lemmy the Lemming It's Lemmy! MB Part 5 Well, it's a lemming...named Lemmy. Go blame CodieKitty. A lemming. "Sorry about the rough landing."
Colonel Zadok the Huntmaster It's Zadok! MB Part 10 Colonel Zadok Magruder High School. A fire bro "Ah, the smell of new victims."
Jill the Extra Gal It's Jill! NC/SSS 2 Part 4 Pun off of Bill the Extra Guy. A bruno burt "Hi. I'm just an extra."
General Magruder It's Magruder! NCC #2 Colonel Zadok Magruder High School and LVK. A hammer bro "Soldier! Are the troops ready for the attack?"
Redox It's Redox! NCC #4 Oxidation Reduction reactions. A ninji "No!!! Kia-ya!"
Biggs and Wedge It's Biggs and Wedge! NC/SSS 2 Part 5 Luke Skywalker's Rouge Squadron buddies in Star Wars. Two ninji Wedge: "Good morrow, infidels."
Biggs: "A good morrow indeed!"
Narrative Guy It's Narrative Guy! NC/SSS 2 Part 5 A combination of Narrator and Shyguy. A shyguy "The new person was approaching me."

Quick Bio
Name In A Nutshell
Darth Butch Little is known about Luigi's alter ego. Darth Butch is evil on a molecular level. He has mastered an ancient skill called the "Worse" which few people know about. Most believe that Luigi became Darth Butch after many years of being neglected. After being "Player 2" for so long, Luigi simply snapped. Currently, no one knows if Darth Butch will ever return.
Bill the Extra Guy Bill is, well, an Extra Guy. He's spent his whole life being an obscure character in a video game and doesn't really mind being neglected. Bill is an easy going guy but will fight back if pressured. He has also been perfecting his skill called the "Extra Power", which he claims he learned from the Discovery Channel. Bill tries to avoid confrontation whenever possible. Bill may have a more mysterious past then he lets on. There are some that believe that his "Extra Power" in fact comes from a greater source.
Fred the Spanyard He's a Spanyard. He's crazy, angry, and loves to fight. He's Fred. While Fred has a lot of issues with his control, he still tries to do good. At least when he feels like it. Fred is the kind of person to try to get the most out of any situation. He acts first and thinks later. Sometimes this gets Fred in trouble, but Fred is more then prepared for any danger. His Deathray, Ray of Death, and Deathly Deathray of Deathly Deathness make up Fred's attack force. Fred has no known relatives and some have guessed that he is the last of the Spanyard race.
Phone the Clone Phone is a Clone. Simply put. But what exactly IS a clone? No one really knows. Clones are a sort of mixture between artificial life and biological life. Nevertheless, Phone is here and he's ususally causing trouble for someone. Simply put, he's not a very nice clone.
Citrus Man Citrus Man is here to save the day! Or is that Mario? No one knows why Mario "transforms" into this Orangey Superhero when he bumps his head. But the effect is ususally temporary. When he is Citrus Man, he fights for good and against evil. He's a very honorable person who fights for the little guy.
Gooba the Goomba Gooba is a Goomba. Simply a servent to greater master. Be it Bowser or Kyle, Gooba gets pushed around a lot. But he doesn't mind too much. The pay is good and so is the vacation. The only bad part is getting stomped on by Mario all the time. But what's he going to do? He's a Goomba. The answer? Not much.
Dr. Donez Dr. Donez is an evil genius. Great for coming up with crazy inventions and crazy plans. But he's not a REAL evil genius. He's good-evil. He still has his moral side. He fights for the common good, as long as it doesn't sidetract him from his real goal, which happens to be world domination. Dr. Donez can sometimes be forgetful. When in trouble, Donez either runs away or whips out his Ice Pick, one of the most powerful weapons in the world.
Prof. Executrain Prof. Executrain is the arch-nemisis of Dr. Donez. He's everything that Dr. Donez isn't. While Dr. Donez has his good side, Prof. Executrain has no good side. He gets pleasure in the suffering of others. He's bad-evil. Executrain can be goofy sometimes, but that's only a side effect of how evil he is. Like Donez, his goal is also world domination. No one knows where Executrain is currently, but many suspect that he has been working underground on his ultimate plans. Executrain would love nothing more then to see Dr. Donez fail. Executrain's main weapon is the powerful Philips Screwdriver. Prof. Executrain has two brothers, Zadok and Magruder. It is believed that he hasn't seen either brother in years.
Captain Churro Captain Churro is insane. Really insane. In fact, no one knows why he's a Captain. Like Phone, he has Cloneish qualities. His personally is a little dry, much like sandpaper. But he seems to just want to have a good time. Although he seems a little confused about even that. Churro does what he does for no particular reason. He was made to have the best qualities of every neglected character. However, it seems that Churro has instead gained the most annoying qualities of every Neglected Character. Most people in NC Land just get bothered with him and send him away quickly. In the mean time, he simply enjoys to "Fly Away!!!"
Lemmy the Lemming Go find more about Lemmy at CodieKitty's site, found here.
Colonel Zadok the Huntmaster Zadok is a Huntmaster. But not just any old Huntmaster. He's THE Huntmaster. Master of the Hunt. He's an expert explorer, guide, woodsman, ect. No one knows his real motives. Zadok uses careful skill in his attacks. It is believed that he was separated from his two brothers, Prof. Executrain and General Magruder, when he was young and grew up alone. He trained himself in the wild to be a ruthless hunter. Not evil at heart, but definately a dangerous character.
Jill the Extra Gal Jill, is well, an Extra Gal. If little is known about many of the Neglected Characters, practically nothing is known about Jill. She seems quiet and independant. As the lone girl in the NC Crew, she gets a lot of attention from the guys, but she mainly ignores them. Some believe that she also posesses Bill's "Extra Powers", but they have not been witnessed so far from Jill.
General Magruder Magruder is the lost child of a group of three brothers. While his brothers tend to get into trouble, or start trouble, all the time, Magruder is the odd duck. Where Prof. Executrain is the evil mastermind, and Zadok is the crafty hunter, Magruder grew up in the Military Acadamy of NC Land. He quicky rised in rank to General after long years of service. Magruder is an honorable person, a knight of the old times. He is something that is quite lacking in NC Land, a true hero. While unknown to many, his legend is quickly spreading, and some have rumored that he has never lost a fight.
Redox A mysterious character who hides in the darkness, Redox is a ninja. So far he has been seen rarely, mostly working undercover and away from watching eyes. He claims to be a member of the Secret Order of Rubisco. Redox has been seen protecting the young Bill the Extra Guy for reasons still unknown. We will only learn more about Redox when he chooses to reveal himself again.
Biggs and Wedge As guardians of the Forest of Illusion, the odd duo of Biggs and Wedge make it their goal to prevent the escape of anyone who finds their way into the forest, or at least do an interpretive dance about it. They like to talk. A lot.
Narrative Guy As a member of the Neglected Neglected Characters, Narrative Guy gives a face to the anonymous voice that narrates the NC Comix. Even though he doesn't really enjoy the job, Narrative Guy sticks to his task, because he knows that the comix would become even more confusing without someone guiding the readers along.

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