We landed in DAD headquarters. King Dad and Fred the Spanyard (what IS a Spanyard, anyway) were standing around talking stupidly.
"Kujian," my father said to the giant bug.
"Fungo," Fred replied.
"CAKE WEDDING!" screamed Moron.
Suddenly our other teammates and enemies teleported into the room, that was surprising, but what we saw next was totally unexpected. The door fell over revealing a large number of heroes. Megaman, Sonic the hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Ness, and Link were there, just to name a few� also Disco Stu was there.
("Who is Disco Stu?" Wendy asks.
"Nobody, I was just seeing if Geek was paying attention," Lemmy replied.
"ZZZZZzzzzz," Geek snored.)
The hero of Hyrule was the first to speak up. "Evil never prospers," he said.
"Isn�t Bowser evil, though?" Megaman pondered.
"Woof! Arf! Bark! Gurgleplex!" Rush replied.
"FINE! Be that way!" Megaman told Rush, angrily.
"What�s that smell?" Crash Bandicoot asked, inching away from Sonic.
"Are you heroes just gonna stand around here," I started, "or are we going to actually fight?"
"We�ll fight," Ness said.
Instantly the boy genous� err genus�(how do you spell that again?) sent a PK fire at me. I dodged, but the fire hit a button on the wall behind me. A green light filled the room teleporting all that was in it to a large platform hovering above a "bottomless" pit.
"Can someone say �Smash Bros.�?" Fox asked.
A battle started waging on. Everyone was fighting like mad. Suddenly I felt something grab me from behind. I didn�t worry at all. I simply raised my right leg an a single, quick movement. Whoever let me go and I turned around. Captain (is that how you spell it) Falcon was on the ground clutching his groin. I took the opportunity to throw him over the edge. He fell like a metal Mario. I looked around. My little sister was grappling with Samus Aran while Geek was head to head with Ness. I looked over to see a yellow mouse heading towards me. It wasn�t a plumber, not even a mushroom, a MOUSE. I looked down at the mouse and kicked it.
"PIIIIIIKA!!!" it said and sent an electric jolt at me. The charge was weak and barely felt it. Instead of attacking, though, I jumped five feet up. I bob-omb walked into the mouse, blasting it into next week. I glanced over again. Morton screamed his normal cry that I won�t trouble you with typing and a few heroes around him merely jumped into the pit to get away from him. I looked over to Punk and saw him throw Kirby AND Jigglypuff far away, at the same time. My father decided to go on the offensive. He jumped up in the air.
"JUMP!" I yelled. My twin, Moron, the Princess Brat, Punk, me, and a series of heroes and troops jumped. I realized that Geek and Larry had been eliminated from the fight. A few troops and heroes were sent sky high when King Dad landed after the jump. When I landed, I felt a hard, electric, blow to my back. I turned around and saw the Ness had just done his PK Thunder Tackle into my back. I was hurt a lot, but my spikes had skewered him. He fell to the ground and a kicked him off the arena. Moron was fighting Luigi. Wendy was still at it with Samus. Iggy was one on one with Mario. Punk had his hands full with a trio of yoshies. My father was taking out troops one by one, but was currently busy with Wendy�s flying bertha squad. Peach was being pulverized by a Boom-Boom. I turned to see Link running at me, so I grabbed a beam sword and sliced at him. He blocked with his blade and stabbed at me. I dodged aside and parried, getting a good blow at his left arm. It became useless as a limb, but I had forgotten something about Link� He grabbed the sword with his right hand and kicked me over. I dropped my sword and was on the ground. I would have been done for, but a yoshi flew by, knocking Link over me and into the pit below. I glanced over at Roy to thank him, but I saw him and the two other yoshies falling into the pit. I glanced over to my little sister, and saw Samus standing triumphantly near the edge. I picked up the sword I had dropped and threw it at her. She fell like a suit of armor� no pun intended. I glanced over and saw that Luigi had taken out my baby brother. At the same moment, Peach went flying off the edge. Luigi glanced at the Boom-Boom. Boom-Boom glanced back. They ran at each other, one was going to take out each other, or so they though. At the exact point they collided, was a motion sensor bomb. They were both blown to oblivion. I glanced at Iggy, than at King Dad, then at Mario. The epic battle was about to end. To Be Contiunued�

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