"How does Wart live here?" I asked myself. "Where are the lights?"
A shy guy then flipped a switch.
"Right here," he said, as the lights went on. "AHHHH!!! KOOPA!!!" He ran away into a mysterious door. Iggy and I decided to follow him. When we went into the door....
"KABOOM!!!" said a giant mouse. He threw a bob-omb at us. We dodged out of the way just before it exploded.
"What the?!?!?!?" I then threw a ball at him. He didn�t even flinch. He kept throwing bob-ombs.
"Yipes!!!" yelled Iggy, barely dodging a bob-omb. "Cover me!!"
I did as he asked knocking bob-ombs away from him and diverting the mouse�s attention to me. Iggy was rapidly looking through the official Super Mario Bros. 2 strategy guide.
"It says here," he started, "that we need to throw the bob-ombs back at him."
"Let�s do it." I started throwing the bob-ombs at him as they came to me. The mouse started getting hurt.
"Don�t.... you know... who I.... am...?" he asked. "I... am mouser.... minion of Wart...." He fell over. I mean FELL. He plopped down like a sack of tomatoes.
("You mean potatoes," Ludwig said."
"Shutup," Lemmy said.)
A mysterious door suddenly appeared. We went through it and saw a hydra. You know, those three headed snake things. "I suppose you�re snaker," Iggy said to him.
"I am Tri-clyde," the hydra said, "and you shouldn�t be here."
"We request to talk to Wart," I found myself bravely saying.
"Let me think," Tri-clyde said. "Hmmmm... NO!!!" He started breathing fire at us.
"YIPES!!! FIRE!!!" I screamed. Then I noticed some mushroom blocks.
("YOU noticed?" asked Iggy.
"Okay, that Iggy noticed them.")
We started stacking up the blocks to block the fire, then Iggy looked back in the guide book. "It says we should throw the mushroom blocks at him."
"Check," I said. We started throwing mushroom blocks. Problem was, with every throw we lost some of our sheild. We had trown three and hit him twice. We only had two left.
We threw one. It was heading straight towards him. We thought it was gonna kill him but....
"What the heck?" Iggy yelled. "We MISSED?"
"I dont know, but we gotta get him now," I replied.
"No one hurtsssss me," said Tri-clyde.
We had one block left this one was for all the marbles. We threw. We MISSED?!?!?
"We�re out of blocks!!! We�re gonna die!!" Iggy screamed like a girl.
"Not yet," I said. I took out one of my faithful star balls. I threw it straight at Try-clyde. I hit him right between the eyes on his middle head. He fell over and died.
"You haven�t sssssseen the lassssst of meeeee...." he said, while dying.
Another mysterious door appeared and we went in. This time we say a giant crab.
"A kingler!!! I�m gonna catch it!" I yelled.
"This is SMB2, not POK�MON, Lemmy," my twin calmly told me.
"Who are you and what do you want?" the crab asked.
"We are Lemmy and Iggy Koopa and we demand to see Wart," I boldly told him.
"You mean Iggy and Lemmy," Iggy tried to correct me.
"Let me think. Hmmmmmm. NO!!!!" the crab nearly screamed in my ear. Wait, I don�t have ears. He started throwing boulders at us. Iggy looked back in the guide. I started throwing them back at him.
"It says throw them back at him," Iggy said.
"No. Really?" I said sarcastically. This crab was wicked easy. He didn�t even put up a fight. We killed him really fast.
"You�ve beaten me.... but you�ll never get by.... fry guy....." With those words, the crab died.
We walked threw another door only to see a giant fireball sitting at a table drinking tea with a shy guy.
"Hello, can we talk to Wart?" I asked him.
"Sure. Go trough the door," he said.
"That was easy," I told Iggy as we went though the door. Now we had to confront Wart.....

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