We walked into Wart�s throneroom. We saw the huge frog sitting on his throne, fast asleep.
"Die.... Die.... Kill Luigi...Kill Peach....Kill Lard Boy..." he said in his sleep.
"I think this will work," I wispered to Iggy. We waited around a while. Then he woke up.
"AHHHH!!!" Wart screamed, "Who are you?"
"Prince Iggy Koopa and Princess Lemmy Koopa," Iggy stupidly said.
"Princess?" I asked. Then I whacked him.
"I mean, Iggy and Lemmy, the Koopa princes."
"What�s a Koopa?" Wart asked us.
"Mario�s worst enemy. And Luigi�s," I started. "We were wondering if you could help us fight Mario, Luigi, and help us in mutany against King Dad.
"Sure," Wart agreed. We left sub-con and started coming back here. Then Wart came up with a question. "Have you ever beaten Mario before?"
"Uh... No," Iggy replied.
"Then we need reinforcements."
"Already handled," I told them.
("This is were I come in."
"Shutup, Geek.")
When re arrived Geek greeted us. "The calls have been made," he said.
"Good. I love crossovers," Larry said. Just then the door rang.
"This must be them," said the Princess Brat. Moron went to open the door. In the doorway stood a rouges gallery of other villans. Dr. Wiley, Dr, Robotnik, Neo Cortex. Sigma, Giovanni, Wario, and almost every other villan in the video game world.
"We have come," said Wiley. "Were�s my robot lab?"
"Come this way," said Geek. "You too, Robotnik." The three walked off.
"Remember the deal," started Cortex, "If we win, you help my get rid of Crach Bandicoot and his little sister, Coco."
"We know," said Iggy, "Come this way to your lab." The two walked off. Then Wario piped up, "KILL MARIO!!!!"
"We will," I said. Wario went to his room. The other villans all went to their assigned quarters. Wario slept in Moron�s castle. Iggy and I were lucky enough to have out guestroom used by Giovanni, the boss rocket. The two doctors and Cortex stayed with Geek. Wendy shared her castle with a few female villans, none of wich I remember. Sigma stayed with Larry. The other villans all stayed werever they fit.
The next day we came to the Koopa Kid�s Kitchen (or KKK) which was in Wendy�s castle, her being the only one who knew how to cook. We had pancakes and french toast. The toast was shaped like dinosaurs. We had a huge plan on how to acheive victory.
"I can use some pokemon to battle for me," started the Boss Rocket, "But mine aren�t that great. I�ll go get some more today."
"Cool," said Iggy.
"BIG GUNS!!! FIRE!!!!" yelled Wario.
("That was Morton."
"It was?")
"I need time to make my robots," said Dr. Wiley. "Robotnik and I are working on a super robot currently."
"Good," I said, "And how are you, Sigma?"
"I�m making some other robots of my own," he replied.
"Perfect, let the work continue," I said. We finished breakfast and went to work.

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