We had created a few ingenious plans, all of them foolproof.
Unfortunatly, none mere Mortonproof, so we had to keep thinking.
"We�ve finished an extremely powerful robot, young prince," Robotnik told me. "But we are lacking the power to run it. We have no energy source powerful enough to charge it up."
"By any chance, Dr. Robotnik," Giovanni started, "can you make a backpack and a hole in the back for a large battery?"
"Of course, but where would we get one?"
"A pikachu, of course."
"Easier done than said," I said quickly, holding out a pikachu.
"See if you can hook him up to the robot, make sure the wires touch the red of his cheeks," Giovanni told Robotnik. Robotnik took the pikachu and ran off.
"Stupid human," Sigma said, "Can�t even find a power source for his robot. I have tons of robots, all with internal generators."
"Good for you," I said, sarcastically. "Can you just get working?"
Sigma walked off as Wendy came up to me. "We have a slight problem," she said, very worried.
"You�re macaroni didn�t cook right?"
"No, it came out perfect. The problem is that I heard that Megaman, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the hedgehog, and Ash Ketchum have come to defeat their arch enemies."
"Oh, not MORE heroes."
"And it gets worse. King Dad has joined forses with Lardio�s brother in hopes of getting us back under his control. Their team is called �Dual Alliance of Death� or DAD for short."
("One question," Iggy said. "How did you know this?"
"I have spies," Wendy replied.
"Shutup so I can finish this story," Lemmy said.)
Meanwhile, somewhere between dimensions...
"Blue streak speeds by, Sonic the hedgehog," Sonic sang, running from the Sega world to the Nintendo world. He suddenly stopped short, seeing a large orange bandiccot. "What the heck are you?" he asked.
"I could ask you the same question," the bandicoot replied, "But I�m Crash Bandicoot, heading to the nintendo universe to stop Cortex�s next evil scheme. Who are you?"
"Sonic the hedgehog," Sonic informed Crash. "And I�m on my way to stop Robotnik from his latest evil scheme in the land of Nintendo."
"Weird, two evil geniuses from two different places going to the same place."
Just then, a camera projected an image of Coco on the wall. "Crash," she said, "Cortex is in leauge with many other villans from across the universe. Proceed with caution or you�ll be hopelessly outnumbered." The projection faded.
"Do you think they�re working together?" Sonic asked the bandicoot.
"Probably. Let�s go stop them."
Just then, Megaman showed up. "Hey, Crash, Sonic!" the blue robot screamed.
"Let me guess," Sonic started, "Sigma and Wiley have gone to the Nintendo world for evil schemes."
Megaman�s mouth dropped. "How did you know?"
"All the villans did, that�s where we�re headed." The three set off together.
("How do you know this happened? You weren�t there."
"Wendy�s spies."
Back at KHQ (Koopa Head Quarters)...
Knock knock! Someone was at the door. "I�ll get it," I yelled. I walked over to the door. Two humans, a male and a female, and their cat were there.
"To protect the world from devestation," the female started.
"To unite all peoples within our nation," the male said in response.
"To denounce the evils of truth and love," the female said, continuing the poem.
"To extend our reach to the stars above," the male said, reaching for the sky.
"JESSE!!!" the female shouted, getting into a strange pose. Appearantly that was her name.
"JAMES!!!" the male said, following her lead. He must be James. "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight," they yelled together.
"Meowth!" yelled the cat, "That�s right."
"You must be here for Mr. Giovanni," I said. "He�s right over there." I pointed to the room he was in. They went off. "Strange poem," I said, "strange."
Wendy walked up to me again. "More news on DAD," she stated. "They�ve closed down all the italian resteraunts to annoy Lardio."
"Hmm... that gives me an idea."
"Do we still have our secret supply of pasta that you were saving for our dinner before you discovered that evil geniouses need brain food, like fish?"
"Of course. I haven�t had time to use it."
"Here�s the plan, get the Koopa Kafe, our resteraunt, to have a special on pasta. We can get Mario to join our side that way, maybe, by tempting him with pasta."
"Good idea, then we can get the mushroom army. DAD will be helpless." "And if our plan fails, we can kill him when he comes and have one less plumber to deal with."
"Perfect," Wendy said, "just perfect." We both laughed evilly for a LONG time.

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