Mario walked up to the door of the Koopa Kafe. "Mmmm, Pasta," he said, seeing our sign "Pasta, real cheap!" He walked straight in and sat down, heeding no warning to the fact that the restaurant was owned by us.
("Us? Itís your restaurant. You and Wendy," said Larry.
"Quiet, You," Lemmy said.)
"How Žbout some service?" he yelled. I decided to serve him myself and walked over to him.
"KOOPA!!!!" he yelled.
"So? Do you want food or not?"
"Uh.. Yes. Iíd like the pasta."
"Sorry, but only members of the Koopa Kid Klan (KKK) can have it."
He sat there in shock.
"But if youíd like to join and help us get our allowance back and defeat Luigi and King Dad youíre free to join, Lardio."
"You want me to WHAT?!?!?"
"Join the KKK."
"And why did you say I should do this? Are you crazy?"
"You want pasta, right? And you have to be in the KKK to get any pasta in the whole kingdom."
"So choose."
Mario sat there pondering. "Pasta, Good, Pasta, Good... Pasta," he said, then he turned to me. "Iíll do it."
"Excellent." I tapped my fingers on each other, just like Mr. Burns.
"We got Lardio!!!"
"Sweet, the victory is ours," Punk yelled. ("Roy. Not Punk. Roy.")
"DWD, DOWN WITH DAD!!!" Larry screamed.
"Children, be quiet while we work on our robot," Robotnik said, working on a robotic Bowser with Wiley.
"Still working on robots?" Sigma asked, tauntingly. "My maverick Koopa is completed already. I call it "Flame Koopa."
"Thatís about a good a name for a robot as a series of letters and numbers," Wiley remarked. "Be more creative."
"Yeah," Ivan Robotnik said to him, "you might as well call him R2-D2 or C-3PO."
"Those names sound cool," I said.
"Can we just get to work on defeating Bowser?" Lardio asked.
"Sure," I responded.
"So, whatís our plan?"
"Ummm.. declare war?"
"WAR!!! GUNS!!! FIRE!!!" Morton and Wario yelled in perfect harmony with each other.
"Weíve divided the Mushroom World into 8 battle fields, weíll separate each of his troops to different sections and fight there," the Princess Brat said to me.
"Wendy, I take it youíll be taking Seaside Town," I asked/said to her.
"Yup, with all our aquatic troops. Youíll be going to the frozen north of Ice World with some robots."
"Iím going straight to the Mushroom Kingdom with Wiley and Robotnik," Larry said, being basically the leader of this scheme. "I get Pipe World," Geek claimed. "Iím taking Nimbus Land," Punk started, "Iím in the mood for símores."
"KOOPAHARI DESSERT!!!!!!" Moron screamed.
"You mean desert, not dessert," Wendy said.
"Quiet, you," I scolded her, "If Moron thinks its a dessert heíll go."
"Iím taking Mole Mountain," said my twin, Iggy, as he entered. "I need to get more explosives, anyway."
"You and explosives is like Moron and Wedding cake."
"Quiet, you. Donít talk to your older brother that way."
"Older? Not even by a year."
"Didnít I say, ŽQuiet youí?"
"We need someone to take Dark World, the eighth region," I stated.
"We will," Giovanni said with Jesse and James standing behind him.
"Weíve captured enough pok»mon in the last few days to destroy a planet."
"Okay. Other villains, choose your region."
Just then the door opened. In the doorway was Megaman, Megaman X, Zero, Ash Ketchum, Brock Pewter (?), Misty Cerulean ( also ?), Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Crash Bandicoot, and a few other heroes. X was the first to open his mouth.
"In the name of the JLVG (Justice League of Video Games) we demand that you halt in your evil scheme," he said.
"Yeah, and you gotta stop, too," the little two tailed fox stated.
"Or things are gonna get ugly," Crash said.
...then the trouble started...

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