NC Live! - Canceled

I am sorry to say that due to the lack of interest from fans and myself, NC Live will be indefinately canceled. There just hasn't been the support that is needed to complete a project this big. If interest and support picks up again, then a future NC Live is definately a possibility. But right now, we will have to put it on hold.

Sigh. Hehe. New sections around NC seem to pop up all the time. Well, this section idea was given to me by Curt from the VGF Forums. It seemed interesting and required little work from myself, so I decided to try it out. The idea is pretty simple. We'll take an existing NC Comix and add fan-provided voices for the characters. It should be fun for everyone. First, we'll audition the parts out to people. Then, we'll have them record the lines for the comix. Last, we'll compile the lines together into an MP3. Then you can download the MP3 whenever you want and listen to the comix LIVE!

Step 2 - Finalists
Well overdue, we finally have the list of finalists for NC Live. If your name is listed below, please e-mail me SOON to let me know if you are still interested in taking part in NC Live. If you do not e-mail me within a week or so, or say you are not interested anymore, then we will give your part to someone else. So if you are someone who was not picked for NC Live, then you still have a chance if someone is a no show. OK? Thanks. It was hard to choose, since all of the auditions were great. Here are the final picks.

Mario: Swordblade2k
Dr. Donez - Rayman FREAK
Fred - Jim Nickabocker
Bill - Luigi (Nickname)
Exec - Jared
Luigi - Curt
Kirby - Linkfan088

Please send me an e-mail if you are listed. I don't have anyone's e-mail, so you better do it soon or else we'll give your part away. After every part is accounted for, we'll start to get all of the lines together and finish up NC Live. Thanks to everyone who took part in the auditions.

Step 1 - Auditions
The Comix we will be playing is the NC Back to School Special.

The following characters have parts in the Back to School Character. The line following the character is the line that you have to record into a .WAV file to audition for the character.

Fred - "That's it! Kirby is going down!"
Bill - "Can I go to the bathroom?"
Mario - "It's-a-me? Mario?"
Luigi - "I wish I had a line."
Kirby - "Zzz." (Your best Kirby snore)
Prof. Executrain - "Who dares to interrupt my class!?"
Dr. Donez - "It is I, Dr. Donez!"

(Note - Try to pronounce "Executrain" like the words "Executive" and "Train". It should sound like "Exec" - "u" - "train". Also, try to pronouce "Donez" like "Doh" - "nez".)

To audition for a part, please send me an e-mail to me, Jay Resop, with a .WAV file inculding one line for each Characters you want to audition for. For example, if you want to audition for Fred. send a .WAV file with the line "That's it! Kirby is going down!" in the best Fred voice you can come up with. You can audition for multiple characters. To make it fair, do not include your name in the .WAV file. Simply say the character you are going to audition for followed by the line. Include the name you want to go by for NC Live in your e-mail.

OK, I extended the deadline for the NC Live! auditions. It will now be April 23th, 2003. Just to give you all a little more time in case you want to send in a last minute audition.

One final note. Since there may be more people auditioning then parts, please realize that you may not get a part. I'm going to be choosing parts primarily on how well I think the person portrays the character in question. Nothing else. You can always try again for NC Live! 2.

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