BA Neglected Mario Characters Mirror

The Bibliotheca Anonoma's Enhanced Mirror of The Original Web Page Praising the Neglected Characters of the Mario Universe
13 Years on the Internet - 9/6/97 to 9/6/10. Onward, into the future!

-Old NC Articles-

Neglected Characters - Short facts on nearly all the Neglected Characters.
NC Bios - Biographies of the characters in the Mario Universe.
President Bill's Page - Why? He's the President.
Mario Worship Page - April Fools 2000 Joke
NC Game - April Fools 2002 Joke
NC Shut Down By VGF - April Fools 2004 Joke
Vernachl�ssigte Mario Buchstaben - April Fools 2005 Joke

-Old NC Comix-

NC Choose Your Own Adventure - The World's First Interactive Comix. *BROKEN*
NC Flash Comix - A new era of Neglectedness. They're comics. That move. Ooo...
How To Make Your Own Comix - A few tutorials to help you become a comix making master.
NC Live! - Take part in a fan-acted out NC Comix. *DEFUNCT*

-Old Viewer Stuff-

The NC Gallery - Fan Art of different Neglected Characters.
NC Chatroom - Live NC talk! *DEFUNCT*
The NC Message Board - Go, sign up, and talk about all your favorite characters. *DEFUNCT*
Ask Dr. Donez - Ask the Doctor your questions about anything.
Viewer Bio.'s - Sent in by you.
Create-a-Character - Create Your Own Mario Character!
Neglected Character Name Game - See if you know the names to the many Neglected Characters
Fred Fred Revolution - April Fools 2003 Joke *BROKEN*

-Other Old Stuff-

NC Multimedia - Download cool NC Stuff for free!
Jay's Top 10 Lists - Different lists of great things posted monthly.
Links to other sites - That are cool. *AND BROKEN*
Old Neglected Character news - In case you've been sleeping.
Email Jay Resop the retired creator of the NC page.
Go to - Host of NC.