BA Neglected Mario Characters Mirror

The Bibliotheca Anonoma's Enhanced Mirror of The Original Web Page Praising the Neglected Characters of the Mario Universe
13 Years on the Internet - 9/6/97 to 9/6/10. Onward, into the future!

-NC Comix-
About NC - For people new to the site
Neglected Characters for Dummies - Your guide to the NC Crew.
Neglected Character Comix - The heart of the site. The comix made by Jay Resop and others, all in one place.
Neglected Character Shorts - Quick comics made generally to indicate this site isn't totally dead.
Neglected Character Deathmatch - Watch your favorite characters duke it out!
NC Sprite Sheets - Images of sprites for different Neglected Characters.
The NC Test - Take the test to find out which NC you're most like.
NC Election 2008 - An archive of the events in the 2008 election.
NC Election 2004 - An archive of the events in the 2004 election.
NC Election 2000 - An archive of the events in the 2000 election.