New Neglected Mario Character Ideas aka Create-a-Characters

Looking through the lists and lists of Game Ideas on the SMBHQ, I noticed how many new characters that have been created by you viewers. So here's your chance to get your character ideas heard! Send them in according to the examples I made below. I'll try to get these updated like the Viewer Bios. This section idea was made up by Pokemaniac. Mail Jay Resop

Princess Cherry by Wario_2k3
Chowder by Wario_2k3
Washruni by Wario_2k3
Woomio by Wario_2k3
Shruni by Wario_2k3
Shroomio by Wario_2k3
Maria Mario & Lucy Mario by Jared AKA THA JA
Tom the Swede by Michael Lucidi (Alpha)
Mario Mario Jr. by The Runaway Five Teen
Goombatroid by Triforce Omega
Drift by YodaMasterZ
Quackso by YodaMasterZ
Pants Man!!! by Master Birdy
Meta X by Zack
Mushroom Koopa by Sonic the Evil
Max the Zergling by Massimiliano Carboni
Kyte Crashalot by David "Booster" King
Samurai by Andsean
Twiggy Paratroopa by Marilink
Flashy Koopa by Cyber (Ryan)
The Super Mario Bros. 3 Team by The West Virginian
Dr.Baconman by Prof Gerald 64
Fredrick The Germ by Culex18
Timmy by Fanttom X
Park by Taka Guy
"Maniacal" Gary Koopa by Mobius Destroyer
Metalic Kirby by Ben Young
Malek/Morpheous by King Calamari
Luwidge Mario by Larry Isreal
Emma by Jadzaea
Flubby by Heather
Noah by Melody Roegels
NIMBUS by Daniel Schwickrath
Ogron Koopa by Ogron Koopa
Master by Ntendopr
Clumsy Koopa by RED
Roshi by Roger North
Toaddy by The Web Master
Warui by Kdawg81588
Vittorio Spike by J. D. Martin a.k.a. JMycroft
Rex the Birdo by Waluigio
D.R. Ordone Snake by D.R. Ordone Snake
Pepsi Man by Tommy
Rana Kaerou by Artistspen
*&%#$! by J. Mycroft
Thaimut by Pokemon Master Luigi
Lemon Boy by Espeon Girl
Karatio by Snowman
Dario Dario by Chris
Bowsie by Bowslae "Bowsie" Koopa
Baboom!!!! by Nick the Trick
Chris Jericho by Nutjob
Nogamis T. by Bob Grocer
Genarro Mario and Petunia Mario by JMycroft
Luwidge by Cli
MarioII by MarioII
Whomp the thwomp by Doboltrobol
'Stool' by Ditto McCloaker
George the Tailor by Bob Grocer
BOO-YAH! by Janus
Bob the Not-So-Great by Chelsea
Reswob Apook by Roger North
Kool Koopa by Kool Koopa
Bob Mario by Roger North
Baby Brave by The Web Girl ("P")
Yo`ster B by Yo`ster B
Zeed the MagiKoopa by Adam Neikirk
Saturn by Jeremy Cardosa
Zenobia by Roger North
Princess Thistle Mildew by Ditto McCloaker
Tanooki by J.D.Martin, aka JMycroft
Banshee by Raptar12345
Neo Geno by Culex17
Deviot by Hydronix
Princess Aurora by DIPPY231
Munchy Mouse by Mewtwodude
Panda Man by Joker dx
Pancho Man by Ace
Saisy by Zeni
Quigi by Pokemaniac
Rob by NeoSephiroth373
Poncho Galena by Nicky T.
Jay&Ray by Joe Maxwell
Bom-Bario by Jackal Lord
Match Man by Dictator
Luibi by N64 Chick
Cloner McCloner by Davey Oshi
Arkena by Melody Roegels
Arachni-Mario by Doboltrobol
Stranigo King o' the Bubbles by Paul
Washroom Kingdom by Ditto McCloaker
Jim the French Canadian Shy Guy by Mark Kelly
Lardio by ArthurSia
HannaYoshi by Parrakarry
Megamash by GreatFreakSquall
Groad by Toad
Dr.Cortez by o0Fireball0o
Flyligula by J. Mycroft
Nogamis T. by Bob Grocer
Decock by Ariel Pfalzgraf
Athena by Codie Martin
Fran the Spanyard by UltraSquall
Lord Puffy Dinks by SciNsboy
Microscopic Spear Man by Steven Reich
Wacky Man by 2000
Zgmrphc by Robby Ryan
Bowserhangachubakongarithyonichu by A. GENIUS
Clyde Koopa by Bowser-Yoshi
Yoshiod by Marshi
Doctor Rufus by Jackal Lord
Doomclock by Bob Grocer
Queen KeKeKe by Lololo
Mecha-Luigi by Adam Neikirk
Clawdia Koopa by King Nimbus
Gina by Gina
Bass by Bass
Luigi Mario Jr by Adam Neikirk
Kermit the Hermit by Jeremy McBride
Digital Mario by Master-Nick of NDM
Happy Ness by Pok�mon Trainer Ken
Pablo the Mexican Goomba by Roger North
Princess Apple by UltraCinder64
Mid by RazielEffectDC
Dark Dude by Lieutenant Wario
Krpio by PiNoYEGx
Wink by jchjosh2003
The Dark-Puff by
Jake Kolorlimabean by NinForceJr
Meat Freak by Wario2789
Mushroom X by Roger North
Baby Toad by Horse Freak2
Bob the Beezo by Yoshinator
Denzenello by Joseph Miller
Greg the Goomba by Greg the Goomba
Kuytero by Heishro
Jim by Fredfan
Kuribo by JMycroft
Shorty1k by Antonio ZX54
Adel� Monstro by Peach
Bahumut by HairyHomer
Gar by Greg Records
Meowco by Roger North
Princess Aerith by RazielEffectDC
Lord Artefact Koopa by ANTICS
Cyber-Mario by Mdusen
J.K. Koopa by matt barry
The Dark-Avenge-Puff by Lee Neikirk
Prince M.J. and Princess Mariah by Justin
Taregami by Gloria
Lord Gnix by Adam Neikirk
Ted the British Goomba by Mark Kelly
Prince Krack by Halken
King Something by Mark Kelly
Celes by Keenky
Bowzter by Luigi
Dr. Mushroom by Luigi 423
Karop by Jwrbuss
Oiram by Chris Waters
Pat by Tommy
Squigi by Horou
Xoad by Pokemaniac
Zip by Flip
Kuribo by Ostro64
? by SonicX
Phone the Clone by Pokemaniac

Fred the Spanyard Reference Example by Jay Resop
John Poser II Another Example by Jay Resop

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