Viewer Bio.'s

The stories behind the stories, as told by you...Want to submit a viewer bio.? Mail Jay Resop

Viewer Bios #109-115 :By All Sorts of People
Viewer Bios #98-108 :By A Bunch of Oldies
Viewer Bios #94-97 :By Fans of Freakdom
Viewer Bios #90-93 :By Mucho Amigos
Viewer Bios #86-89 :By Some Bowser Fans
Viewer Bios #82-85 :By The Last Ones I Have!
Viewer Bios #79-81 :By Even More Viewers
Viewer Bios #76-78 :By Some More Viewers
Viewer Bios #73-75 :By More Viewers
Viewer Bios #71-72 :By Many Mario Freaks
Viewer Bios #69-70 :By A Bunch of Viewers
Viewer Bios #66-68 :By Some People
Viewer Bios #59-62 :By A Buncha Viewers
Bowser :By M. J. J. Daitch
Poochie :By Tommy Sheridan
Lakitu :By Yo`ster B., the green Yoshi
Axem Rangers :By Starnik
Koopa Kids :By OOLemmy
Axems :By OOLemmy
Frogfucus :By Tommy Sheridan
Wrecking Crew :By [email protected]
Smithy :By Smithy Smith
Shy-Guys :By Tuxedo Ken
Goombas :By [email protected]
Bowser :By ShadowX
Blargg :By Ramatis
Lakitu :By [email protected]
Poochy :By Stanley the Bugman
Dodo :By Ian
Croco:By Ian
The Koopalings(Koopa Kids) :By [email protected]
Bowser Koopa:By Matt/8
Bowser:By Sean King
Punchinello:By Mallow' brother's cousin's neighbor's roommate's friend
Boshi :By [email protected]
Boomer:By Mario Bug
Pauline:By Ramatis
Jonathan Jones:By Noturb17
Donkey Kong Jr.:By Erik Winzeler
Hammer bros.:By [email protected]
Shy Guys Bio.: By OOLemmy
Big Bob-Omb King Bio.: By Mark Kelly
Koopa Troopa Bio.: By Ian Fetters
Stanley The Bugman Bio.: By Stanley the Bugman
Daisy Bio.: By Ramatis
Daisy Bio.: By Stanley the Bugman
Goomba Bio.: By Yoster
Goomba Bio.: By Steve G
Booster Bio.: By Stanley The Bugman
Valentina Bio: By Stanley the Bugman
Smithy Bio.: By Tommy Sheridan
Wart Bio.:By Oddjob384

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